Participating Schools in the Bilingual Art Festival:
- Masa
- El Hato
- Ferralarada
- Ignacio Pescador
Art Projects:
- Walking Feelings (community mural inspired in Monet's waterlilies)
- Apachetas (Ephemeral sculptures to honor mountains)
- Family Portrait (intergenerational ink dropping)​​​​​​​
-arañadentro (self portrait sculpture)
International Women's Day: Every day Bread
To change what is normalized
 March 8th, 2022 colombia

Family Day: Escuelita en Casa in Colombia 2022
Participating families in Escuelita en casa had the chance to share one day  engaged in intergenerational art activities. 
- Stories of mother tongue (multilingual storytelling, collective floor mural and New York mural exhibition.)
- Family portrait (intergenerational ink dropping)

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