Participating Schools in the Bilingual Art Festival:
- Masa
- El Hato
- Ferralarada
- Ignacio Pescador
Art Projects:
- Walking Feelings (community mural inspired in Monet's waterlilies)
- Apachetas (Ephemeral sculptures to honor mountains)
- Family Portrait (intergenerational ink dropping)​​​​​​​
International Women's Day: Every day Bread
Daily bread is what feeds us and what is so daily for us that we do not question its absence/presence.
This project is significant on International Women's Day since violence against women is not questioned and in many cases is not recognized, specially in latin American countries.
In this session we talked about various about what concern us, shaping our bread. Bread that we will ate at the end of the session.
Family Day: Escuelita en Casa in Colombia 2022
Participating families in Escuelita en casa had the chance to share one day  engaged in intergenerational art activities. 
- Stories of mother tongue (multilingual storytelling, collective floor mural and New York mural exhibition.)
- Family portrait (intergenerational ink dropping)

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