patas (2021) oils on canvas
patas (paws) =  amigos (Friends)  
Latin: patta (tie), pactus (pact). Also means furniture leg
PALTA (2021)
oils on canvas
Palta (Avocado) = Problema (Problem)
*Possible explanation: Quechua: paltay (burden)​​​​​​​
Sapo (2021)
oils on canvas
sapo (Frog) = Chismoso (Gossiper) 
*Possible explanation: a frog sees everything with its big eyes
Yuca (2021)
oils on canvas
Yuca (Cassava) = dificil (Difficult)
*Possible explanation: Quechua: yucay (to lie),  Spanish colonizers used to deceive andeans using cassava.
Choros (2021)
oils on canvas
choros (mussels ) = ladrones (thieves)
* Possible explanation: Quechua: churus (mussels), Gypsy caló: Choró (thieves)

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