la odalisca (2021)
17 in x  22 in
 plexiglass, metal bar and Oil paints on canvas
Arañita (little spider) (2021)
16 in x  20 in
 watercolor on paper
* Two literal meanings: (Scratch within) or (spider inside)

To whom your body belongs? (2021)
16 in x  20 in
 watercolor on paper
* In some countries they force you to abort, in other they do not let you. To whom your body belongs?
fiera (wildling) (2021)
16 in x  20 in
 watercolor on paper
*"who will tame you, when you go wild"​​​​​​​
bella (beauty) (2020)
9 in x  12 in
 Graphite on paper
Milagro & maldición (Miracle and curse) (2021)
6 in x 6 in 
yarn and oil paints on canvas

ojos to go  (2021)
7 in x 16 in
wooden rod, yarn, and oil paints on canvas​​​​​​​\
Buongiorno Principessa! (2019)
16  in x 20 in
oil and acrylic paint on canvas
* "Worst than not having magic, is to lose it"
oh diosa! (2020)
7 in x 12 in
oil paint and charcoal on paper
*"If there was a god I would like it to be a woman
a woman and friend, those who give their lives every time you ask  for them                   and that she listened and comforted me  and closed my wounds.                                           If God existed, I would definitely like her."  Edgar oceranzky

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