Pasamontañas Is a series of 3 sculptures that raise awareness about overexploitation and poor management of resources in Peru. Each sculpture represents a region in Peru: Coast, Andes and Amazon; each one focusing on a different issue. Overexploitation is a symptom and result of corruption and lack of sensibility with future generations that will have to live with the results of the decisions we make today.
La Oroya: La Oroya is a mining town in the Andes and the fifth city most polluted in the world. Despite evidence of pollution and damage to residents' health, the Peruvian government is seeking to re-open the mine.

Amazonas: Displacement of indigenous peoples and indiscriminate felling in the jungle destroying the lungs of the world.
Mamacocha: Mamacocha represents Mother Water. The largest oil spill in Peru occurred in Jan 2022, affecting ecosystems including fisherman who are not able to go back to the sea. More than a year later, no culprits have yet been found.

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