Que planetas? (what planets?) 2021
30 in x 40 in
oil pastels and Oil and acrylic paint on canvas 
* this piece is a Collaboration with Neil Constantine
El blanquito (the whitie) 2021
14 in x 14 in
Oil paint on canvas, plaster of paris and gold leaf
* golden mask as a privilege, falling down.
Zingaro (gypsy) 2021
20 in x 28 in
Oil paint on canvas,  feathers, plaster of paris and coper leaf
* during the pandemic our desire to travel helped to spread the virus faster.  we couldn't  help us.
Niñ0 Covid (Covid boy) 2021
20 in x 16 in
Graphite on paper.
* "even a broken clock, gives de right time twice a day". my needles stopped in Peru and New York. 
chin-guard tu madre (2020)
10 in x 8 in 
markers on paper

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